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Sodexo Motivation Solutions Indonesia is the pioneer in the universal voucher market.

Gift Pass Pass
A voucher with flexible denomination that provides access to various type of merchant such as Hypermarket, Department Store, Convenient Store, Restaurants, and many other with nationwide acceptance of more than 100 merchants in more than 8,000 outlets.

Food Pass
The only means of delivery of meals to employees that provide access to various merchants, ranging from food street to hypermarket and facilities.

Reward Pass
Sodexo Reward Pass is a gift voucher that can be redeemed in many retail outlets. More simple, easy to use & bring satisfaction to its users.

Discount Pass
Sodexo Discount Pass is a flexible and creative gift card solution designed to help you increase performance and loyalty. A card that also offers simple and effective tools to motivate and reward your team, customers, communities, school, vendors, prospective clients and many more. Also can be used as ID card, with more benefits in it.

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